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Black Jeep Commander with Eco Green License Plate

For the Environment with proceeds to benefitfor the Environment with proceeds to benefitproceeds benefit Environmental Foundations








A Black Jeep Commander with and Eco Green License Plate.



The Iconic Green License Plate by EarthRehab, get yours today.

Support Nature Research on the front-line with mygreenlicenseplate.com

Its like a ‘live strong’ bracelet for the Environment, but much more visible.

The Green License Plate is getting noticed a lot these days, simply because it screams  ‘I care about the Environment, the Oceans, the Forests, the Animals, the Rivers, the Pollution, and Global Climate Change.’

Show your Green Pride and display a 100% recycled from plastic milk jugs Eco Green License Plate.

Visit mygreenlicenseplate.com today.


These photos were taken during World Ocean Day 2008 near Coral Cove Park in Jupiter. A Toyota Prius Hybrid with Green License Plates for the Environment. 2 Green License Plates on the Front, and 1 Green License Plate on the Rear of the Hybrid.

The Green License Plate campaign is similar to a ‘live-strong’ bracelet where proceeds benefit front-line Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries. See who is involved, go to EarthRehab.


 The Green License Plate for Nature Research.

Why? Visibility, over 600 commuters per day will see your license plate and understand your commitment to the environment.

What does it do? The Plate creates additional funding for Nature Research and has developed a Coral Reef Initiative for the Oceans, see who’s involved.  


What are eco-shoppers saying about the Green License Plate for Nature Research?


Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
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Body: Great exp. would do business again. Thanks

Visit EarthRehab.com today and join the campaign.


for the Environmentfor the environmentElectric Car and Green License Platefor the SkydiverHHR with Green License Plate

New Photos of the Green License Plate campaign in April 2008.

Visit EarthRehab.com


Green License Plate campaign info Site

http://www.mygreenlicenseplate.com & http://www.earthrehab.com

White BMW with Green License Plate campaign for EnvironmentWhite BMW with Green License Plate for EnvironmentWhite BMW with Green License PlateWhite BMW with Green License Plate in FloridaWhite BMW with Green License Plate in Florida

A visitor from Orlando Florida visited me on Jupiter Island so that I could shoot a photo of her BMW and the Environmental Green License Plate, I shot 3.

January 1st – We welcome the International Year of the Reef 2008  http://www.iyor.org/ 

Iyor LogoCoral reef experts and supporters launched the International Year of the Reef 2008 in Washington calling for greater efforts to combat climate change to protect the world’s biologically complex ocean ecosystem. Recent scientific research links damage and loss of coral reefs worldwide with global warming. . Read more

April 12 & 13- Join us at the Green Living Expo/ L.A. Convention Center http://www.thegreenlivingexpo.com/Los_Angeles.html 

Green Living 2008 logo

EarthRehab will host a booth at the Expo with IYOR 2008 and explain the Green License Plate campaign to thousands. www.mygreenlicenseplate.com

April 19th- Join us at ‘Kite Beach’ and ‘Corners’ in Juno for the Great American Clean-up 2008


Earthrehab logo

EarthRehab will be cleaning up the Beaches from boardwalk #9 to #13 at Kite Beach; this is a Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful Event.

April 22, 2008- EarthDay 2008-


Celebrate your holiday, local links and events to be scheduled.

July 7th – 11th International Coral Reef Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale


Any Ocean enthusiast should not miss this event, global climate change and effects on Oceans will be discussed  

EVS Jupiter Cam from the Famous Condo that sits just South of Jupiter Inlet. The tides will continue to rise.EVS Cam of Beach Erosion 

the new ‘shade’ of Green at http://greenreality.wordpress.com/

EarthRehab would like to thank the following for their on-going commitment to our cause & mission.

Dr. John Marr of the Perry Institue for Marine Science the mentor for William

Sheri Turnbow of Nature Conservancy for her enthusiasm and inspiration

Dr. Stefan Harzen of Taras Oceanographic for inclusion to knowledge lectures

Tom Boyhan of WJTW for the press and commitment to the environment

Roxanne Stein of NBC for the story of a lifetime

Lineaa Brown of Hometown News she got it started

Deborah of the Daily Green for all the press without controversy

Clair and Penny of RPI Minnesota the lumber company building GREEN.

FAU SBDC for invitations to the Alternative Energy, Green Building, and Global Climate Change International meetings.

Looking for a Great 2008.. Thank You

Yellow Bug Green License plate

Environmental Gifting

You can purchase the Green License Plate for the Environment as a gift and will ship it to your friends and relatives with our gift message.


Because you love Dolphins, (Your Name) has sent you this Green License Plate, with proceeds to benefit Taras Oceanographic Foundation. Visit Taras on our Foundation Links Page and see how they make a difference.



Hi there,

Because you love Sea Turtles, (Your Name) has sent you this Green License Plate, with proceeds to benefit Caribbean Conservation Corporation. Visit CCC turtle and see how they make a difference.


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