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Ocean Rehab Now on Guide Star Charity Navigator


Guidestar Link for Ocean Rehab

Guidestar Link for Ocean Rehab

Guide Star is not quite Charity Navigator but it’s a great start for a young non-profit.

Learn more about Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. on this page and donate if you choose. Thanks Guide Star


Earth Rehab makes good (Great) on a promise..

We have launched our Coral Reef Initiative.


Fans of FaceBook should follow us here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ocean-Rehab/150166091002

Great videos, great TIMES..

Thanks a million; with your support we can make an Ocean of Difference.

And, in case you’re curious, the Green License Plates did create this phenomenon.

The 2010 Florida Reef Project

2010 Florida Reef Project poster

2010 Florida Reef Project poster

link- 2010FloridaReefProject.org

funding mechanism link-OceanRehab.org

OceanRehab about us page 

-join us and make an Ocean of difference.

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. has launched its BETA web site


Included on this web site is the 2010 Florida Reef Projects page.



Jupiter Inlet with Lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet with Lighthouse









Each county on this Florida map will have 20 survey sites indicated by RED dots (GPS); the RED dots will turn GREEN as the site survey is complete and Health information is available. You will be able to hover over the GREEN dots and retrieve information and current status about the site.
We are currently awaiting the determination letter and approval from the IRS to accept donations for the project.

(So please be patient.)
This project is on schedule
and will launch January 2010 with diver training to start as soon as February, surveys to begin March thru June.



If you know Florida Diver’s that may be interested in this fantastic opportunity have them contact us today.

Environmental News Press release:

Scion Xb with Green License Plate

Scion Xb with Green License Plate

EarthRehab campaign for Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute research event scheduled.

The EarthRehab Green License Plate campaign will host the nation’s first “Tag it Rally” for nature research October 18th. Proceeds to benefit  research that Harbor Branch is currently undertaking to protect our Marine Eco-systems. This is front line and real time action.

The EarthRehab “Tag it Rally” wil be held at Bev Smith Toyota in Ft. Pierce. Bev Smith Toyota continues to lead all S. Florida auto dealerships within regards to local activism. Bev Smith Toyota’s commitment to nature research and raising awareness for Harbor Branch is monumental.

Contact William at EarthRehab for more information regarding EarthRehab and the Green License Plate campaign.

The Founder of EarthRehab, William Djubin, will be on EXPO at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institutes celebration of National Estuaries Day 2008. Saturday 27, 2008. The venue takes place at the Ocean Discovery Center at Harbor Branch, and is Free to the public. “We will sell Green License Plates to raise funds for Harbor Branch. That’s the mission.” exclaimed William


EarthRehab EXPO

EarthRehab EXPO

Next up is ‘Dolphin Dialogues” with Dr. Stephan Harzen of Taras Oceanographic Foundation, a radio program commited to sustainability and the latest environmental news. EarthRehab founder William Djubin will discuss Reefs and the International Coral Reef Symposium that was held last July 2008 this Monday, September 29th from 3pm-?. A live web cast is available on WJTW 100.3 FM radio.

 The Green License Plate for Nature Research.

Why? Visibility, over 600 commuters per day will see your license plate and understand your commitment to the environment.

What does it do? The Plate creates additional funding for Nature Research and has developed a Coral Reef Initiative for the Oceans, see who’s involved.  


What are eco-shoppers saying about the Green License Plate for Nature Research?


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Visit EarthRehab.com today and join the campaign.


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