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Recently I was privileged to showcase the EarthRehab campaign to South Florida viewers on NBC6.



The EarthRehab campaign was designed to create funding and awareness for Nature Research, utilizing an Iconic Green License Plate.

Visit EarthRehab.com today and join our campaign.

Here are a few confirmed events for EarthRehab in Florida
Visit EarthRehab.com today.
January- 17 definitely 1 beach cleanup at Coral Cove Park (focus ocean plastics)
February- 7 Audubon Everglades Day 2009, what a venue. (EXPO) http://www.auduboneverglades.org/
28 Loggerhead MLC Member yearly party and fundraiser http://www.marinelife.org/eventscalendarMarch
7 Sea Turtle Day at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Boca Raton (EXPO) http://gumbolimbo.org/ee/programs/calendar-details/event_turtle_day/
28 Florida Keys GLEE and Nature Conservancy event in Islamorada (EXPO)
April – 18 Great American Cleanup 2008 for EarthDay at Coral Cove Park
June – 8 World Ocean Day at Coral Cove Park
September- Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup at Coral Cove Park

Environmental News Press release:

Scion Xb with Green License Plate

Scion Xb with Green License Plate

EarthRehab campaign for Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute research event scheduled.

The EarthRehab Green License Plate campaign will host the nation’s first “Tag it Rally” for nature research October 18th. Proceeds to benefit  research that Harbor Branch is currently undertaking to protect our Marine Eco-systems. This is front line and real time action.

The EarthRehab “Tag it Rally” wil be held at Bev Smith Toyota in Ft. Pierce. Bev Smith Toyota continues to lead all S. Florida auto dealerships within regards to local activism. Bev Smith Toyota’s commitment to nature research and raising awareness for Harbor Branch is monumental.

Contact William at EarthRehab for more information regarding EarthRehab and the Green License Plate campaign.

Tropical Reef FishLive Rock ReefLive Rock underneath the soot and AlgaeMature Live RockFamily SnorkelFirst Snorkel




EarthRehab & World Ocean Day 2008 recap and photos 

We celebrated World Ocean Day on June 7th and 8th for 2008.

EarthRehab joined the Friends of Jupiter Beach at 8am for a beach cleanup, and made sure that any volunteer that participated received a Green License Plate complimentary.

The Green License Plate campaign is a fundraiser for Nature Research. The Worlds most productive and respected Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries receive the proceeds from the sale of the $10 plate. Visit EarthRehab today and see who is involved.


One June 7th and 8th at 11am we arrived at Coral Cove Park in Jupiter for a Group Snorkel.


EarthRehab explained the different habitats the group would encounter, Live Rock, Brown Algae, Worm Rock, Sponge, Red Algae, Sea Grass, and Limestone. We expected to see many Tropical Fish on the Reef because the visibility was greater than 20’.


So what did the Ocean Adventurers see underneath the water on this Coral Reef Eco-system?

A Green Sea Turtle, Manatee, Barracuda, Snook, Jacks, Blue Fish, Cuttlefish, French Grunt, Hog Fish, Angel Fish, Damsel Fish, Gobies, Blennies, Sergeant Major, Basslet, Parrotfish, Blue head Wrasse, and a Nurse Shark.


EarthRehab explained that the fish stock levels were down due to the Algae and Sediment buildup. Then to illustrate the point we took a deck brush out to the reef and cleaned small sections to allow the snorkelers an opportunity to see the Mature Purple Live Rock beneath. As we scrubbed the reef massive amounts of Tropical Fish showed their appreciation and searched the Live Rock for Invertebrate Worms.

The mature Live Rock that is present on this Reef could host several species of Invertebrate Soft Corals and Sponges if given the chance.


Learn more about the EarthRehab Coral Reef Initiative Here.




Dr. Marr and William CleanupElectric Car at EXPOIYOR 2008 Reef Check and EarthRehabTreehuggers and Jumper

Green Living Expo- April 11, 12, 13

EarthRehab Founder William Djubin was in attendance for the Green Living Expo in Los Angeles.

This was an International Year of the Reef 2008 collaboration with Reef Check, to promote Nature Research.

Over 300 people signed the Declaration of Reef Rights for Mary Luna the NGO Coordinator for IYOR 2008.

Reef Check Founder & President Gregor Hodgson was on site Saturday to meet with William at the Expo and talk about the Future of our Oceans. Reef Check is seriously contemplating an office in Florida soon. Thank you Gregor, we need all the help we can get.

Green License Plates were seen on many cars in LA including the Electric Car at the Expo.


EarthRehab brought to LA several brochures from various Nature Research Foundations, over 1500 total were passed out to guests.

Nature Conservancy & Nature Conservancy Santa Cruz Islands- saving a place for you.

Ocean Conservancy Channel Islands- protects this resource.

Audubon Martin County- Bird counts and benefits of habitat research, we did discuss the Richardson’s Bay situation.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center- Research on Migration Patterns and WQMS with rehabilitation for Turtles.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary- a place many wild animals call home due to development.

Perry Institute for Marine Science- Ocean Acidification experts and Coral Reef Ecologists.

Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative-the NOAA guardians of our Ocean Ecosystem from North Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.

After the Expo EarthRehab decided to draft a petition, the Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act and posted it on Care2. It is available for download just ask.

FAU Environment Awareness Day- April 17

EarthRehab Founder William had a chance to meet with fellow Environmental Activists at the FAU Campus in Jupiter. A few who attended were ERM, FAU Environment Club with President Sarah Fannin, and EarthFirst. An Electric Car received a Green License Plate for technology.

We discussed the future of our Oceans and Pollution; then urged support for the Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act petition. 38 signatures total from the 40 people we surveyed.

Kite Beach to Corners Cleanup- April 19

The Great American Cleanup for EarthDay on Jupiter Beach.

Jupiter Middle School ‘treehuggers’ hosted this event with EarthRehab and Ocean Minded Sandals. We encouraged volunteers to sign our petition for Clean Water. Nearly 100 volunteers helped remove pollution from this now narrow stretch of Beach, including Dr. John Marr the Executive Director for Perry Institute for Marine Science and his Family.

Everyone received a Green License Plate, and Hat with some an EarthDay T-shirt or Ocean Minded Sandals.

At the peak of the activity the American Flag jumper parachuted onto a Runway made from Green License Plates jumping at 3500 feet from Capt. Jack Reisel's Star Spangled Stearman, A vintage Biplane.

Lastly was the arrival of Jupiter’s Famous Vinny’s Pizza.

  You cannot get any better than Hot Pizza served right on the beach.



January 1st – We welcome the International Year of the Reef 2008  http://www.iyor.org/ 

Iyor LogoCoral reef experts and supporters launched the International Year of the Reef 2008 in Washington calling for greater efforts to combat climate change to protect the world’s biologically complex ocean ecosystem. Recent scientific research links damage and loss of coral reefs worldwide with global warming. . Read more

April 12 & 13- Join us at the Green Living Expo/ L.A. Convention Center http://www.thegreenlivingexpo.com/Los_Angeles.html 

Green Living 2008 logo

EarthRehab will host a booth at the Expo with IYOR 2008 and explain the Green License Plate campaign to thousands. www.mygreenlicenseplate.com

April 19th- Join us at ‘Kite Beach’ and ‘Corners’ in Juno for the Great American Clean-up 2008


Earthrehab logo

EarthRehab will be cleaning up the Beaches from boardwalk #9 to #13 at Kite Beach; this is a Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful Event.

April 22, 2008- EarthDay 2008-


Celebrate your holiday, local links and events to be scheduled.

July 7th – 11th International Coral Reef Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale


Any Ocean enthusiast should not miss this event, global climate change and effects on Oceans will be discussed  

Kemp’s Ridley in town for Thanksgiving/ LMLCSea Turtle Kemp’s RidleySea Turtle Kemp’s Ridley

These Thumbnails are powered by SNAP, click to Enlarge any pic on the site.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a lone Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle made her way to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center in North Palm Beach.

What a spectacular time she will have during this Holiday, seems like the perfect B&B for a Sea Turtle with Medical testing and treatment to boot.

Her name is Sweet Potato, and she along way from home. The MLC  now has 3 Kemp’s, with 1 soon to be released back to the Oceans.

Access the Loggerhead Marine Life Center through our Web-Link-Portal


Join the Campaign with Proceeds to benefit Loggerhead MLC.

o011415m-medium.jpgwilliam-diver.jpgInletOctober Inlet dumping, what is this stuff?

The aforementioned Fund (non/profit& non/funded) Coral Reef Initiative is not available currently to accept donations. Purchase a $10.00 Green License Plate today and join the campaign. 

Coral Reef Initiative by EarthRehab

 We have a ‘tester’ for our water samples, and they are local. We are searching for 2 more, to keep them honest. Referrals speak loudly.  

EarthRehab will choose the sites, Jupiter Island Blowing Rock’s ( North) to Loggerhead ( South) on public beaches and the Inlet stream during tides.

How important is this to you? Marine life including, turtles, Sharks, Tropical fish, Coral, Hurricane Sustainable wall, whales, dolphins, Etc. (not to mention our children and families that enjoy to swim in the Oceans). 

Join the EarthRehab Environmental Campaign now & the 100% Non/profit, Non/Funded Coral Reef Initiative 

$10.00 goes a long way & means your thinking GREEN, recycle, Nature, politically concerned, and have an overall commitment to the state of our planet.  

Environmental Foundation PortalScene of the crime, Jupiter Inlet Florida

Currently 25,000+ commuters per day view ‘my green license plate’ and understand that We support Nature research. This entails habitat, conservation, preservation, rehabilitation, Migration patterns, and global climate change.



My name is William Djubin and I founded EarthRehab to generate proceeds for Non-profit Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries. (Including Ocean Conservancy, WWF, Audubon, Arbor Day, Nature Conservancy, Wild Bird Sanctuary, Busch Wildlife, Loggerhead Marine)


EarthRehab was the Feature Story ‘Going Green’ on WPTV; NBC channel 5 in West Palm Beach. The Newsperson is the #1 anchor in S. Florida, Roxanne Stein.



Dr. Marr and EarthRehab @ Set it up 

Sat. Nov. 3, 2007 wear GREEN downtown WPB.

‘Set it up’, a National recognized campaign for citizen awareness will be Downtown WPB. EarthRehab will represent our cause and mission.

Dr. Marr, Perry Institute for Marine Science will be a speaker regarding the state of the Oceans and Global Climate Change.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0VVTbOnGsM  (Perry New Video)



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