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The Founder of EarthRehab, William Djubin, will be on EXPO at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institutes celebration of National Estuaries Day 2008. Saturday 27, 2008. The venue takes place at the Ocean Discovery Center at Harbor Branch, and is Free to the public. “We will sell Green License Plates to raise funds for Harbor Branch. That’s the mission.” exclaimed William


EarthRehab EXPO

EarthRehab EXPO

Next up is ‘Dolphin Dialogues” with Dr. Stephan Harzen of Taras Oceanographic Foundation, a radio program commited to sustainability and the latest environmental news. EarthRehab founder William Djubin will discuss Reefs and the International Coral Reef Symposium that was held last July 2008 this Monday, September 29th from 3pm-?. A live web cast is available on WJTW 100.3 FM radio.


EarthRehab would like to thank the following for their on-going commitment to our cause & mission.

Dr. John Marr of the Perry Institue for Marine Science the mentor for William

Sheri Turnbow of Nature Conservancy for her enthusiasm and inspiration

Dr. Stefan Harzen of Taras Oceanographic for inclusion to knowledge lectures

Tom Boyhan of WJTW for the press and commitment to the environment

Roxanne Stein of NBC for the story of a lifetime

Lineaa Brown of Hometown News she got it started

Deborah of the Daily Green for all the press without controversy

Clair and Penny of RPI Minnesota the lumber company building GREEN.

FAU SBDC for invitations to the Alternative Energy, Green Building, and Global Climate Change International meetings.

Looking for a Great 2008.. Thank You

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