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The 100% recycled Green License Plate by EarthRehab.

Save the Planet

Save the Planet

These Green License Plates plates raise funds and awareness for Nature Research. see who is involved at EarthRehab


Kansas Honda Fit with Green License Plate

Kansas Honda Fit with Green License Plate

Andrea sent EarthRehab a picture of her Honda Fit with the Green License Plate for Nature Research, the first Green License Plate in Kansas.

Looking really good Andrea, thanks for the support.


I really like the way this plate looks on cars and trucks.

Get your Green License Plate today at EarthRehab.com

Kansas Honda Fit with Green License Plate

Kansas Honda Fit with Green License Plate


JUPITER – It’s kind of like a “live strong” bracelet for the environment. Much like champion cyclist Lance Armstrong’s trademark yellow bracelet – where proceeds from sales go to various cancer aid organizations – Jupiter resident William Djubin has created a green license plate that’s “green” in every sense of the word.

Green License Plate for the EnvironmentEnvironmental Green License Plate

A 2008 Honda Fit Sport in Vivid Blue Pearl with a Green License Plate.

The Bright, Blank, Recycled Green License Plate for the Environment by EarthRehab.


Currently 40,000+ commuters per day view our green license plate and understand that we support Nature research. This entails habitat, conservation, preservation, rehabilitation, migration patterns, and global climate change.

Our E-commerce store is open utilizing PayPal and Yahoo Small Business security for your safety.

See who is involved, visit the store.


EarthRehab campaign

I spotted this Black Honda CRV with a Bright Green License Plate on Ocean Ave in Jupiter 2008. I almost missed the shot.

Another local resident has joined the EarthRehab Green License Plate for Nature Research funding.

April and May had great momentum with the Green License Plate campaign. The top 2 Foundations for Proceeds were the Nature Conservancy and The National Arbor Day Foundation.

Green License Plates were shipped to Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. visit EarthRehab today

Environmental message recieved.Dennis\'s truck in Jupiter FloridaA white stripe transforms the Green License PlateA white stripe on the recycled green license plate

2 New Green License Plate photo’s from the EarthRehab campaign.

The Honda Ridgeline looking Environmentally Sweet, further customizations have been done to enhance the Green Effects. I like the looks alot.

William added a white TAPE stripe for a day while trying to show his Ocean Eco Activist side.

Purchase a Green License Plate today at http://www.mygreenlicenseplate.com


Prius with Green License Plate for the Environment

Green License Plate digital slideshow on Flickr


New Hybrid and New Green License Plate picNew Hybrid and New Green License Plate picNew Hybrid in showroom of HondaNew Hybrid with environmental license plateNew Hybrid with environmental license plate

2008 Honda Hybrid Civic in showroom of Ed Morse Honda.

This car has got some nice curves.

2007 Honda Odyssey EX with Green License Plate2007 Honda Odyssey EX with Green License Plate

A new picture from Ft. Lauderdale/ Hollywood area, looking good my friend.

Thanks for joining the campaign, and sending a picture.

Here KittyCougar CubCougar Cub

As I went to speak with the Administrators of Busch Wildlife I couldn’t help but notice 2 new cats.

The story goes as follows:

They were rescued (seized) from a local wild animal collector.

They may have been purchased by a firm in Ohio, and sold as Florida Panthers.

Cougars are not a Native species for Florida.

What a shame to believe that this type of Business is conducted in our own backyard.

They are currently in the BIG cat cage at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter.

Access the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary web page with our Foundation Portal


William Djubin



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