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Green License Plate on the Eco Taxi.!

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate for Nature Research


Amy Baxter sends us her photo of the EarthRehab Green License Plate on her Eco-taxi. Looks Great, Looks Smart and helps to make Change. Thanks Amy..


2 and 3 Degrees Celsius; it’s extremely important news..

Best version of the story. (click)

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-see what was leaked during the conference in Copenhagen here.


Press Release 10/23/2008

EarthRehab adopts Coral Cove Park, Jupiter Island Florida

Coral Cove and EarthRehab

Coral Cove and EarthRehab


EarthRehab is the recycled Green License Plate campaign that raises funds and awareness for Nature Research. EarthRehab is a conservation and preservation activist campaign. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and we need your help.


EarthRehab’s adoption is in conjunction with the Adopt a Park program in Florida.

If an organization or team of residents can commit to 4 Beach/Park cleanups a year, they can adopt a park in Florida.


I could not think of a better venue to adopt than Coral Cove Park, Jupiter Island.


Coral Cove Park is critical habitat to threatened and protected land and ocean species including beach mice, red wolves, manatees, sea turtles, and snook.

Coral Cove Park has a live Coral Reef Tract that extends from the Jupiter Inlet north to Blowing Rocks Preserve managed by Nature Conservancy.

-a side note and bonus-

Forbes noted Jupiter Island as the most expensive Zip Code in America, so

“Hey Tiger Woods, Celine Dion, Doubledays, Johnsons, Fords, Du Ponts and Nature Conservancy… were neighbors for the next 2 years.”


EarthRehab will not only host 8 beach cleanups, but will also host several snorkel and diving excursions on this world famous reef.

EarthRehab would like to map and monitor this Coral Reef Tract and then make a strong argument for a Marine Managed Area or Marine Protected Area in the very near future.

Contact William at EarthRehab for information and events planning.

Environmental News Press release:

Scion Xb with Green License Plate

Scion Xb with Green License Plate

EarthRehab campaign for Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute research event scheduled.

The EarthRehab Green License Plate campaign will host the nation’s first “Tag it Rally” for nature research October 18th. Proceeds to benefit  research that Harbor Branch is currently undertaking to protect our Marine Eco-systems. This is front line and real time action.

The EarthRehab “Tag it Rally” wil be held at Bev Smith Toyota in Ft. Pierce. Bev Smith Toyota continues to lead all S. Florida auto dealerships within regards to local activism. Bev Smith Toyota’s commitment to nature research and raising awareness for Harbor Branch is monumental.

Contact William at EarthRehab for more information regarding EarthRehab and the Green License Plate campaign.

Last week Green License Plates were shipped to Alabama, in support of Nature Research.

The National Arbor Day Foundation was the #1 selected Foundation for proceeds during our 2nd quarter for EarthRehab.

The National Arbor Day Foundation wanted to thank EarthRehab and Susan for support of their work.

Susan writes EarthRehab:

Here is a picture of my car with the License plate. I am excited to be
the first person from Alabama.
Thank you for the work that you do.

Alabama's 1st Green License Plate



Honda and Toyota with Green License Plates

Honda and Toyota with Green License Plates


Green License Plate

Green License PlateGreen License Plate pic

Green License Plate campaign

Green License Plate campaign

Environmental Campaign recycle

Environmental Campaign recycle

Green License Plate campaign for Research

Green License Plate campaign for Research

Leatherback turtles at Gumbo Limbo

Leatherback turtles at Gumbo Limbo

Last week EarthRehab was invited to visit and learn about Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and in return they wanted to learn about Green License Plates.

During our stay we encountered large numbers of people learning alot about the environment and Florida’s native eco-system. Gumbo Limbo has an excellent display of native Florida animals, plants and sea life. But without a doubt Sea Turtles take the center stage at this facility.

FAU operates a research institute and nursery for juvenile Loggerhead and Leatherback sea turtles on site. To see the one-inch baby sea turtles and think that they could live for decades and grow to over 400 pounds is amazing.

EarthRehab does raise funds for Nature Research, and Gumbo Limbo is Nature Research.

Purchase a Green License Plate online with proceeds to benefit Gumbo Limbo or purchase a Green License Plate at the awesome Gumbo Limbo Nature Center’s Gift Shop and save on Shipping and Handling.



Green License Plate for the EnvironmentEnvironmental Green License Plate

A 2008 Honda Fit Sport in Vivid Blue Pearl with a Green License Plate.

The Bright, Blank, Recycled Green License Plate for the Environment by EarthRehab.


Currently 40,000+ commuters per day view our green license plate and understand that we support Nature research. This entails habitat, conservation, preservation, rehabilitation, migration patterns, and global climate change.

Our E-commerce store is open utilizing PayPal and Yahoo Small Business security for your safety.

See who is involved, visit the store.


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