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Please sign our Clean Water Act petition for Florida..

The link to Ocean Rehab Blog is above, or sign the petition at

“The Petition Site”  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/8/clean-water-act-enforcement-for-florida39s-waters-now/


Oil Spill Habitat Surveys by Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Green License Plate on the Eco Taxi.!

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate for Nature Research


Amy Baxter sends us her photo of the EarthRehab Green License Plate on her Eco-taxi. Looks Great, Looks Smart and helps to make Change. Thanks Amy..

Press Release 10/23/2008

EarthRehab adopts Coral Cove Park, Jupiter Island Florida

Coral Cove and EarthRehab

Coral Cove and EarthRehab


EarthRehab is the recycled Green License Plate campaign that raises funds and awareness for Nature Research. EarthRehab is a conservation and preservation activist campaign. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and we need your help.


EarthRehab’s adoption is in conjunction with the Adopt a Park program in Florida.

If an organization or team of residents can commit to 4 Beach/Park cleanups a year, they can adopt a park in Florida.


I could not think of a better venue to adopt than Coral Cove Park, Jupiter Island.


Coral Cove Park is critical habitat to threatened and protected land and ocean species including beach mice, red wolves, manatees, sea turtles, and snook.

Coral Cove Park has a live Coral Reef Tract that extends from the Jupiter Inlet north to Blowing Rocks Preserve managed by Nature Conservancy.

-a side note and bonus-

Forbes noted Jupiter Island as the most expensive Zip Code in America, so

“Hey Tiger Woods, Celine Dion, Doubledays, Johnsons, Fords, Du Ponts and Nature Conservancy… were neighbors for the next 2 years.”


EarthRehab will not only host 8 beach cleanups, but will also host several snorkel and diving excursions on this world famous reef.

EarthRehab would like to map and monitor this Coral Reef Tract and then make a strong argument for a Marine Managed Area or Marine Protected Area in the very near future.

Contact William at EarthRehab for information and events planning.

Residentail Wind Power 

We hear a lot about Energy Independence these days and Clean Energy Solutions,

EarthRehab’s Founder expresses his views on the subject at hand. 

I do not want to pay to be on a Grid system for Electricity any more.

I believe that with the proper stimulus package to help homeowners afford Wind and Solar technologies they would use to “get off the grid“, most citizens would be interested provided if they could sell the unused energies back to “the Grid”.

This type of energy system is a win-win for all. Reduce the need for Power Plants and the CO2 and Pollution that Power Plants create. I do not believe that Wind and Solar farms are a proper habitat for Nature or Agriculture Areas much less for un-developed properties. 

If you own a 2-Acre lot you should be encouraged to own or lease 1 Wind Power station and a Solar Electricity Station for your residence that would reduce your impact on the Grid, or remove you from it entirely

If you have less property than 2 Acres you should be encouraged to own or lease a Solar Power Unit that would reduce your impact on the Grid, or remove you from it entirely.

Next would be the Transportation issue:

Technology should be created so that Bio Mass and Solar Power could be utilized in an Electric Fuel Cell vehicle so that you would never have to fuel your vehicle again and the Excess Power could be transferred to your Energy Independent Residence for distribution, possibly sold back to the Grid. 

The Local Utilities (FPL) and the Federal Government should maintain inspections and insurance for all Power Equipment in case a Natural Disaster (Hurricanes and such), or the Greed factor should occur.






Florida pollution pipe


I posted a lot this past April and May 2008 regarding Florida’s Water Pollution issue on GreenReality; the politics of Green.

The politics of Green is EarthRehab’s political web-site, feel free to express your concerns.

Topic’s like The Clean Water Act, Pollution Pipes just off the coast, Water Quality Monitoring, TMDL, Pollution Reporting, and the Endangered Species Act vs. Beach Erosion and Renourishment.

visit the site–

the politics of Green



Do you have questions about the Environment?


Do you have questions about Dolphins, Whales, Turtles, Manatees, Reefs, Pollution, Wildfires, Habitat, Wild Birds, Action, Rainforests, Over Fishing, Population, Energy, Preserves, Sustainability, and Global Climate Change?


Click this link Foundations Portal


EarthRehab has organized 30 of the most respected Environmental Foundations with direct links on one Portal Page.


No Gimmicks, No Ad-ware, No Spam, No Spy-ware, No Ads.

‘OK’ maybe just 1 ad for the My Green License Plate campaign.

Save this page to your Favorites or just remember EarthRehab.com

Dr. Marr and William CleanupElectric Car at EXPOIYOR 2008 Reef Check and EarthRehabTreehuggers and Jumper

Green Living Expo- April 11, 12, 13

EarthRehab Founder William Djubin was in attendance for the Green Living Expo in Los Angeles.

This was an International Year of the Reef 2008 collaboration with Reef Check, to promote Nature Research.

Over 300 people signed the Declaration of Reef Rights for Mary Luna the NGO Coordinator for IYOR 2008.

Reef Check Founder & President Gregor Hodgson was on site Saturday to meet with William at the Expo and talk about the Future of our Oceans. Reef Check is seriously contemplating an office in Florida soon. Thank you Gregor, we need all the help we can get.

Green License Plates were seen on many cars in LA including the Electric Car at the Expo.


EarthRehab brought to LA several brochures from various Nature Research Foundations, over 1500 total were passed out to guests.

Nature Conservancy & Nature Conservancy Santa Cruz Islands- saving a place for you.

Ocean Conservancy Channel Islands- protects this resource.

Audubon Martin County- Bird counts and benefits of habitat research, we did discuss the Richardson’s Bay situation.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center- Research on Migration Patterns and WQMS with rehabilitation for Turtles.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary- a place many wild animals call home due to development.

Perry Institute for Marine Science- Ocean Acidification experts and Coral Reef Ecologists.

Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative-the NOAA guardians of our Ocean Ecosystem from North Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.

After the Expo EarthRehab decided to draft a petition, the Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act and posted it on Care2. It is available for download just ask.

FAU Environment Awareness Day- April 17

EarthRehab Founder William had a chance to meet with fellow Environmental Activists at the FAU Campus in Jupiter. A few who attended were ERM, FAU Environment Club with President Sarah Fannin, and EarthFirst. An Electric Car received a Green License Plate for technology.

We discussed the future of our Oceans and Pollution; then urged support for the Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act petition. 38 signatures total from the 40 people we surveyed.

Kite Beach to Corners Cleanup- April 19

The Great American Cleanup for EarthDay on Jupiter Beach.

Jupiter Middle School ‘treehuggers’ hosted this event with EarthRehab and Ocean Minded Sandals. We encouraged volunteers to sign our petition for Clean Water. Nearly 100 volunteers helped remove pollution from this now narrow stretch of Beach, including Dr. John Marr the Executive Director for Perry Institute for Marine Science and his Family.

Everyone received a Green License Plate, and Hat with some an EarthDay T-shirt or Ocean Minded Sandals.

At the peak of the activity the American Flag jumper parachuted onto a Runway made from Green License Plates jumping at 3500 feet from Capt. Jack Reisel's Star Spangled Stearman, A vintage Biplane.

Lastly was the arrival of Jupiter’s Famous Vinny’s Pizza.

  You cannot get any better than Hot Pizza served right on the beach.



Right in My Backyard

Water Restrictions continue to plague my neighborhood; and one thing has got me confused.

I have been studying TMDL and WQMS for some time.

I own a home in North Palm Beach County and I have been told that I will face a higher water bill for water that I do not consume. Basically the cost is to water down the pollution and sewage that development and bad decisions have created. 

Lets face the facts:

We are being surcharged for mistakes.

We are being sanctioned for future profits from agriculture for energy and development.

We owe it to Florida to expose these facts, and understand the consequences. 

When politicians celebrate Any Energy Decision without understanding the consequence I could get sick, instantly.

When our Ocean Eco-systems cease to operate with efficiency we will all pay a fatal price. 

Protect the Ocean Eco-systems and stop un-necessary polluting today. 

EarthRehab was created to support Nature Research on the Front-Line:


Map of proposed Preserve

Marine Preserve from coastline to 90 ft. for SouthEast Florida proposal.
(credit to Sun Sentinel)

The federal government is now proposing to declare an extensive protected area for the two species from the coasts of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties through the Florida Keys to the U.S. islands of the Caribbean.

Designation of the 4,931-square-mile area could affect plans for beach-widening, port expansions, sewage discharges, ship anchoring and other coastal activities. Although it is unlikely to halt them, it would add a layer of scrutiny that could force changes or relocations to avoid harming the corals, said Sarah Heberling, natural resource specialist for the National Marine Fisheries Service

Invitation to collaborate for this effort.
(credit to Ed Tichnor, Executive Director of Reef Rescue)

Critical Habitat designation Proposed to protect threatened Florida Corals
Under the Endangered Species Act the federal government has proposed designating almost 5,000 square miles of reef area off the coasts of Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands as critical habitat for the protection of threatened Staghorn and Elkhorn corals. The area includes all coastal waters in Palm Beach County from the beach out to 90 feet deep.
Critical habitat is one of the most important safety nets for wildlife listed under the Endangered Species Act, said Miyoko Sakashita, attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity.

A public hearing will be held on the proposal Tuesday, March 4, 7-9 p.m. at the International Game Fish Association, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach.

EarthRehab’s William will attend “said” meeting and keep this thread posted of the outfalls.

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