Dr. Marr and William CleanupElectric Car at EXPOIYOR 2008 Reef Check and EarthRehabTreehuggers and Jumper

Green Living Expo- April 11, 12, 13

EarthRehab Founder William Djubin was in attendance for the Green Living Expo in Los Angeles.

This was an International Year of the Reef 2008 collaboration with Reef Check, to promote Nature Research.

Over 300 people signed the Declaration of Reef Rights for Mary Luna the NGO Coordinator for IYOR 2008.

Reef Check Founder & President Gregor Hodgson was on site Saturday to meet with William at the Expo and talk about the Future of our Oceans. Reef Check is seriously contemplating an office in Florida soon. Thank you Gregor, we need all the help we can get.

Green License Plates were seen on many cars in LA including the Electric Car at the Expo.


EarthRehab brought to LA several brochures from various Nature Research Foundations, over 1500 total were passed out to guests.

Nature Conservancy & Nature Conservancy Santa Cruz Islands- saving a place for you.

Ocean Conservancy Channel Islands- protects this resource.

Audubon Martin County- Bird counts and benefits of habitat research, we did discuss the Richardson’s Bay situation.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center- Research on Migration Patterns and WQMS with rehabilitation for Turtles.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary- a place many wild animals call home due to development.

Perry Institute for Marine Science- Ocean Acidification experts and Coral Reef Ecologists.

Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative-the NOAA guardians of our Ocean Ecosystem from North Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.

After the Expo EarthRehab decided to draft a petition, the Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act and posted it on Care2. It is available for download just ask.

FAU Environment Awareness Day- April 17

EarthRehab Founder William had a chance to meet with fellow Environmental Activists at the FAU Campus in Jupiter. A few who attended were ERM, FAU Environment Club with President Sarah Fannin, and EarthFirst. An Electric Car received a Green License Plate for technology.

We discussed the future of our Oceans and Pollution; then urged support for the Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act petition. 38 signatures total from the 40 people we surveyed.

Kite Beach to Corners Cleanup- April 19

The Great American Cleanup for EarthDay on Jupiter Beach.

Jupiter Middle School ‘treehuggers’ hosted this event with EarthRehab and Ocean Minded Sandals. We encouraged volunteers to sign our petition for Clean Water. Nearly 100 volunteers helped remove pollution from this now narrow stretch of Beach, including Dr. John Marr the Executive Director for Perry Institute for Marine Science and his Family.

Everyone received a Green License Plate, and Hat with some an EarthDay T-shirt or Ocean Minded Sandals.

At the peak of the activity the American Flag jumper parachuted onto a Runway made from Green License Plates jumping at 3500 feet from Capt. Jack Reisel's Star Spangled Stearman, A vintage Biplane.

Lastly was the arrival of Jupiter’s Famous Vinny’s Pizza.

  You cannot get any better than Hot Pizza served right on the beach.