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Please sign our Clean Water Act petition for Florida..

The link to Ocean Rehab Blog is above, or sign the petition at

“The Petition Site”


Congratulations Allison and her Team at Sponge Magazine.

The first Issue looks awesome and “state of the art.”


SpongeMag Issue 1 Cover

We love the feeling of turning the pages of an on-line Magazine.

Visit Sponge Magazine, South Florida’s first beach lifestyle publication. (Click here)

Green License Plate on the Eco Taxi.!

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate for Nature Research


Amy Baxter sends us her photo of the EarthRehab Green License Plate on her Eco-taxi. Looks Great, Looks Smart and helps to make Change. Thanks Amy..

June 22, 2010 Bright Sky and Blue Water in Palm Beach County Florida. Photo was taken off the Breakers Reef while participating in an Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. pre-oil spill survey.

This photo is enlargeable and makes an awesome Desktop Screen. Free to download. Enjoy.

we need more public, and more divers involved…

March 31st Harbor Branch Clean Water Act meeting. Invitation.‏

A follow-up and additional meeting regarding nutrient criteria for Florida’s Clean Water Act will be held at HBOI on March 31st.
It would be great if a member of your Group could attend, scientific or just a water fan.
During the last meeting members of:
HBOI, Surfrider, Audubon, Reef Rescue, EarthRehab, Ocean Rehab Initiaitve, Cry of the Water, PBCRRT, DERM, EPA, RSMAS, DEP, SFWMD, and Army Corps were in attendance and vocal.

The public notice is here: … ile=62.htm

Hope to see you there, and please forward this invite to any Water Fans, Water Biologists and Water Managers that you know.

William of EarthRehab and Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Water Shortages, Water Wars, Water Rights, Water Quality, Water Pollution, and more Water Concerns can be read at GreenReality and the Politics of Green.

Effects on our aquifer have yet to be discussed.


Lake Okeechobee at Slim’s Fish Camp Torrey Island.

vine.jpgvine2.jpgirrigation.jpgirriga.jpgGoneSlims and EarthRehab

We were originally reluctant to accept the offer to bring Lake Okeechobee some citizen concern and awareness, but now we are locked-in.

Residents in this area of Florida wanted to spread the wealth of proceeds to Foundations from the sale of our Green License Plate to Lake Okeechobee. Research shows that we already have Front-line foundations currently working on several issues regarding Lake O., and no new eco-programs that could receive additional donations.  An opportunity to do a Coastal Clean-up emerged with the Ocean Conservancy and Keep Palm Beach Beautiful, and we took it.

Why is this so important to you? Water.

Traveling the 50 or so miles from the Atlantic Ocean on Southern Blvd. to Canal Dr. in Belle Glade will open your eyes. Everyday Lake Okeechobee and its current water levels are mentioned, low again. During your trip you can record 25 un-interrupted miles of planted and re-planted sugar cane. Sugar cane obviously requires irrigation canals, lots of irrigation canals and they appear to be unaffected by Lake O’s drought.

The other striking problem was a vine that has manifested around the Lake, where their once was water and vegetation, now only exists a vine. This vine is suffocating all other plant life in the marshland, and making its inhabitants look elsewhere.

So come on out South Florida, pack a lunch and meet us at Lake Okeechobee, October 28th, see the site’s, and learn what decisions are being made regarding Water, during your experience we will Clean up the coast.

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