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Green License Plate on the Eco Taxi.!

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate

Eco Taxi and the Green License Plate for Nature Research


Amy Baxter sends us her photo of the EarthRehab Green License Plate on her Eco-taxi. Looks Great, Looks Smart and helps to make Change. Thanks Amy..

Hang dry the EarthRehab t-shirt

Hang dry the EarthRehab t-shirt

 It is recommended that your “hang-dry” the EarthRehab T-shirt.


    visit EarthRehab’s t-shirt page.


Horned Reef Octopus

Horned Reef Octopus

While Snorkeling at Coral Cove Park in Jupiter Florida I shot this Horned Reef Octopus.

It is the best underwater digital photography I have taken. The pic’s are enlargeable.


A horned reef Octopus

A horned reef OctopusFlorida Reef Octopus

Tropical Reef FishLive Rock ReefLive Rock underneath the soot and AlgaeMature Live RockFamily SnorkelFirst Snorkel




EarthRehab & World Ocean Day 2008 recap and photos 

We celebrated World Ocean Day on June 7th and 8th for 2008.

EarthRehab joined the Friends of Jupiter Beach at 8am for a beach cleanup, and made sure that any volunteer that participated received a Green License Plate complimentary.

The Green License Plate campaign is a fundraiser for Nature Research. The Worlds most productive and respected Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries receive the proceeds from the sale of the $10 plate. Visit EarthRehab today and see who is involved.


One June 7th and 8th at 11am we arrived at Coral Cove Park in Jupiter for a Group Snorkel.


EarthRehab explained the different habitats the group would encounter, Live Rock, Brown Algae, Worm Rock, Sponge, Red Algae, Sea Grass, and Limestone. We expected to see many Tropical Fish on the Reef because the visibility was greater than 20’.


So what did the Ocean Adventurers see underneath the water on this Coral Reef Eco-system?

A Green Sea Turtle, Manatee, Barracuda, Snook, Jacks, Blue Fish, Cuttlefish, French Grunt, Hog Fish, Angel Fish, Damsel Fish, Gobies, Blennies, Sergeant Major, Basslet, Parrotfish, Blue head Wrasse, and a Nurse Shark.


EarthRehab explained that the fish stock levels were down due to the Algae and Sediment buildup. Then to illustrate the point we took a deck brush out to the reef and cleaned small sections to allow the snorkelers an opportunity to see the Mature Purple Live Rock beneath. As we scrubbed the reef massive amounts of Tropical Fish showed their appreciation and searched the Live Rock for Invertebrate Worms.

The mature Live Rock that is present on this Reef could host several species of Invertebrate Soft Corals and Sponges if given the chance.


Learn more about the EarthRehab Coral Reef Initiative Here.




A Porsche boxter looking environmentally sweet. Green License Plate campaignWhite car with the EarthRehab Green License Plate campaignPorsche with Green License Plate campaignWhite Porsche with Environmental Plate

A white Porsche Boxster with the bright Green License Plate was spotted on Ocean Ave (A1A) in Jupiter. I sneaked up on it and snapped these pics.

Obviously this driver feels Nature Research is really important right now.

Then again, I display 3 Green License Plates on my car; it’s behind the Porsche.

Check out the Links page for EarthRehab.

EarthRehab would like to thank the following for their on-going commitment to our cause & mission.

Dr. John Marr of the Perry Institue for Marine Science the mentor for William

Sheri Turnbow of Nature Conservancy for her enthusiasm and inspiration

Dr. Stefan Harzen of Taras Oceanographic for inclusion to knowledge lectures

Tom Boyhan of WJTW for the press and commitment to the environment

Roxanne Stein of NBC for the story of a lifetime

Lineaa Brown of Hometown News she got it started

Deborah of the Daily Green for all the press without controversy

Clair and Penny of RPI Minnesota the lumber company building GREEN.

FAU SBDC for invitations to the Alternative Energy, Green Building, and Global Climate Change International meetings.

Looking for a Great 2008.. Thank You

I posted pictures of people swimming in the Jupiter Inlet during a dump of storm/waste water on GreenReality.


Kemp’s Ridley in town for Thanksgiving/ LMLCSea Turtle Kemp’s RidleySea Turtle Kemp’s Ridley

These Thumbnails are powered by SNAP, click to Enlarge any pic on the site.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a lone Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle made her way to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center in North Palm Beach.

What a spectacular time she will have during this Holiday, seems like the perfect B&B for a Sea Turtle with Medical testing and treatment to boot.

Her name is Sweet Potato, and she along way from home. The MLC  now has 3 Kemp’s, with 1 soon to be released back to the Oceans.

Access the Loggerhead Marine Life Center through our Web-Link-Portal


Join the Campaign with Proceeds to benefit Loggerhead MLC.

Here KittyCougar CubCougar Cub

As I went to speak with the Administrators of Busch Wildlife I couldn’t help but notice 2 new cats.

The story goes as follows:

They were rescued (seized) from a local wild animal collector.

They may have been purchased by a firm in Ohio, and sold as Florida Panthers.

Cougars are not a Native species for Florida.

What a shame to believe that this type of Business is conducted in our own backyard.

They are currently in the BIG cat cage at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter.

Access the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary web page with our Foundation Portal


William Djubin



I wanted to add this page to re-direct surfers to more info regarding EarthRehab

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