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2 and 3 Degrees Celsius; it’s extremely important news..

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over 90 million 500 thousand results on Google.

-see what was leaked during the conference in Copenhagen here.



o011415m-medium.jpgwilliam-diver.jpgInletOctober Inlet dumping, what is this stuff?

The aforementioned Fund (non/profit& non/funded) Coral Reef Initiative is not available currently to accept donations. Purchase a $10.00 Green License Plate today and join the campaign. 

Coral Reef Initiative by EarthRehab

 We have a ‘tester’ for our water samples, and they are local. We are searching for 2 more, to keep them honest. Referrals speak loudly.  

EarthRehab will choose the sites, Jupiter Island Blowing Rock’s ( North) to Loggerhead ( South) on public beaches and the Inlet stream during tides.

How important is this to you? Marine life including, turtles, Sharks, Tropical fish, Coral, Hurricane Sustainable wall, whales, dolphins, Etc. (not to mention our children and families that enjoy to swim in the Oceans). 

Join the EarthRehab Environmental Campaign now & the 100% Non/profit, Non/Funded Coral Reef Initiative 

$10.00 goes a long way & means your thinking GREEN, recycle, Nature, politically concerned, and have an overall commitment to the state of our planet.  

Environmental Foundation PortalScene of the crime, Jupiter Inlet Florida

Currently 25,000+ commuters per day view ‘my green license plate’ and understand that We support Nature research. This entails habitat, conservation, preservation, rehabilitation, Migration patterns, and global climate change.



My name is William Djubin and I founded EarthRehab to generate proceeds for Non-profit Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries. (Including Ocean Conservancy, WWF, Audubon, Arbor Day, Nature Conservancy, Wild Bird Sanctuary, Busch Wildlife, Loggerhead Marine)


EarthRehab was the Feature Story ‘Going Green’ on WPTV; NBC channel 5 in West Palm Beach. The Newsperson is the #1 anchor in S. Florida, Roxanne Stein.



Dr. Marr and EarthRehab @ Set it up 

Sat. Nov. 3, 2007 wear GREEN downtown WPB.

‘Set it up’, a National recognized campaign for citizen awareness will be Downtown WPB. EarthRehab will represent our cause and mission.

Dr. Marr, Perry Institute for Marine Science will be a speaker regarding the state of the Oceans and Global Climate Change.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0VVTbOnGsM  (Perry New Video)



Kemp’s Ridley Turtle October 2007Kemp’s Ridley Turtle

Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle: Lepidochelys kempii 
The smallest and most endangered of all marine turtles.

The Jupiter Loggerhead Marine Life Center has 2 new turtles to add to the collection being rehabilitated at the facility in Florida.

After speaking with Sandy of Loggerhead MLC, she claims that she does not know why they are on the beaches of Jupiter. This is not the Habitat they normally cruise in.

Several various species of juvenile sea turtles are in the TUBS at the new facility, mostly from Brevard County.

Visit the Loggerhead MLC threw our links portal at :


Check it out this weekend; go see the Kemp’s Ridley turtles.

Blowing Rocks Plaque

I hope that you can read this plaque. It states a major victory for all of us. Just click on the pic.

You can access and support The Nature Conservancy on our links page. click..     http://www.earthrehab.com/foundations-links1.html 

 or www.nature.org

How to secretly go green, 3 simple steps…

1. Better organize you travel, consolidate trips, plan and map a circle back to home, or consider alternative means of travel.


2. Use less water (restaurants in the 1980’s installed foot peddles to lower their rising water bills, if you walked away the spill would stop.) So, while waiting for HOT water from a faucet, save and use the cold water for flushing the toilet or irrigation.


3. Recycle even more, purchase recycled materials and products, promote recycling.

 Once ‘out of the green closet’, become an eco-activist. 2 easy steps… 

1. Get involved, read, listen, and learn. Participate in the Green Blog Day, sign petitions to legislature that are on-line. ( like the slaughter of Sea Turtles in the Bahamas)

 2. Promote Awareness to make legislative changes, and be heard.   Utilize media, forums, blogs, eco t-shirts, green license plates, DMV Enviro-license plates, bumper stickers, write letters to congressmen, governors, senators, DEP, DOA, Town Meetings, Rally’s, Social Forums, and Environmental Clean-up campaigns.

 Do what’s right today, goto EarthRehab.com

Global Warming Meeting 

EarthRehab summary of the Meet the Scientist Lecture

“Climate Change and Effects on Coastal Communities”

Dr Stephan Harzen of TARAS Oceanographic Foundation introduced the panel of scientist.

 Dr. Boukerrou of Florida Center for Environmental Studies discussed the Green House effect and the fact that Carbon emissions have been on a steady and gradual increase in our atmosphere. He then states the IPCC expects the Greenhouse gases to double in 50years.

Dr Marr of the Perry Institute for Marine Science discussed Acidifying the Oceans. As Ocean waters temperature rise, the chemical balance that is needed to sustain life is offset. The needed Calcium for shellfish and invertebrates diminishes and Ph levels rise to form an acidic body of water. Predicts a 60% decrease in active coral reef ecosystems by 2030.

Dr. Ray McAllister of Florida Atlantic University asks the Question” What are we going to do??” Get active, be heard, make a change for the environment today. Brings the threat of Methane to the atmospheric problem. Answers the question later, will Florida will be consumed by the Ocean? No, but potable water will be the #1 concern for the residents.

The discussion did not center and evolve around politics, and 150+ attendees were treated to factual information to assist others with realizing the threats of Global Warming.

Dr. Marr of Perry is composing a more in-depth synopsis of this community awareness program. It will be featured in the future on this web-log site.

October 10th, Wednesday @ 7pm in Jupiter, Florida  3 renowned scientists, Dr. Marr of Perry Institute for Marine Science, Professor Ray McCallister, and Dr. Boukerrou will discuss Global Warming Impacts. This symposium is free to the public, with an open discussion moderated by Dr. Stefan Harzen.

This truly is an unbelievable event to speak with the Executive Director of Perry. visit the web-site www.perryinstitute.org

If anyone on this planet understands Coral Reef Eco-systems and the effect they have on our coastline in Florida this doctor does.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science could utilize further community support for their mission, goto www.mygreenlicenseplate.com and order your GREEN Environmental license plate today and choose Perry for proceeds. Display your concern today for our planet.

I will post my views on this symposium on Friday, then I will post the over-all review of the symposium from Perry when complete.

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