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Why we chose the other Sea Turtle photo? 

Sea Turtle pic from Hawaii                
 Green Sea Turtle off Oahu North Coast near Napali pic 

That’s simple, She wasn’t lookin’ at you…like this photo.

The Winner is, the same Sea Turtle:    Photo     on our Front Page, congratulations..!!!



Fay satellite image

Fay satellite image

A Massive wind spill is caused by TS Fay.

Last week as Tropical Storm FAY passed over Florida a massive Wind Spill was recorded. Some Floridians cited 60-70 mile an hour sustained winds for over 2 hours.
“It was so windy, it became unsafe to drive a Prius,” noted William Founder of EarthRehab.
No attempt was made to capture any of this lost Energy as the storm system headed west.
“Now we are left with this Solar crisis, as UV Index is to top 12 today in Palm Beach County coupled with more gusty winds.” Exclaimed William.

As more storm systems line up in the Gulf Stream future Wind Spills are eminent.
If we could capture some of this power, it wouldn’t just spill into the Environment.

This is mearly eco-friendly jokes, or is it?  

#1 Florida will face a severe water shortage, a mass migration is predicted by 2025.

#2 The Andes Mountain range continues to rise from sea-level and your Property is now owned by the Atlantic Ocean & The Gulf of Mexico.

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