Right in My Backyard

Water Restrictions continue to plague my neighborhood; and one thing has got me confused.

I have been studying TMDL and WQMS for some time.

I own a home in North Palm Beach County and I have been told that I will face a higher water bill for water that I do not consume. Basically the cost is to water down the pollution and sewage that development and bad decisions have created. 

Lets face the facts:

We are being surcharged for mistakes.

We are being sanctioned for future profits from agriculture for energy and development.

We owe it to Florida to expose these facts, and understand the consequences. 

When politicians celebrate Any Energy Decision without understanding the consequence I could get sick, instantly.

When our Ocean Eco-systems cease to operate with efficiency we will all pay a fatal price. 

Protect the Ocean Eco-systems and stop un-necessary polluting today. 

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