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Environmental News for Florida; the last 30 days


This Florida News briefing made possible from the sale of Green License Plates and EarthRehab


Florida has been a hot spot for Environmental News over the last 30 days. I would like to highlight and link to a few great moments.


June 24, 2008– Governor Crist tells US Sugar to pack their bags and buys back a section of the “River of Grass.”

The Sugar Deal


July 7-11, 2008- To kick off the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Governor Charlie Crist signed a bill to close all of the sewage pipes that pump 300 million gallons of untreated sewage into the Atlantic Gulf-stream. Ed Tichenor and Reef Rescue of the Palm Beaches get the hard won victory and credit.

The Sewage Deal


July 16, 2008– Surfrider Foundation and the City of Lake Worth join in a lawsuit to stop the useless Dredge and Fill projects that suffocate the Reefs.

The Dredge Lawsuit


July 16, 2008– Ciguatera Outbreak, 5 cases reported in Florida. Ciguatera is a disease caused when you eat reef fish that have consumed Harmful Algae Blooms.

The Ciguatera Outbreak


July 17, 2008- EarthJustice files a lawsuit for Clean Water Act enforcement in Florida vs. Harmful Algae Blooms.

The Clean Water Lawsuit


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Check out the photos.


January 1st – We welcome the International Year of the Reef 2008  http://www.iyor.org/ 

Iyor LogoCoral reef experts and supporters launched the International Year of the Reef 2008 in Washington calling for greater efforts to combat climate change to protect the world’s biologically complex ocean ecosystem. Recent scientific research links damage and loss of coral reefs worldwide with global warming. . Read more

April 12 & 13- Join us at the Green Living Expo/ L.A. Convention Center http://www.thegreenlivingexpo.com/Los_Angeles.html 

Green Living 2008 logo

EarthRehab will host a booth at the Expo with IYOR 2008 and explain the Green License Plate campaign to thousands. www.mygreenlicenseplate.com

April 19th- Join us at ‘Kite Beach’ and ‘Corners’ in Juno for the Great American Clean-up 2008


Earthrehab logo

EarthRehab will be cleaning up the Beaches from boardwalk #9 to #13 at Kite Beach; this is a Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful Event.

April 22, 2008- EarthDay 2008-


Celebrate your holiday, local links and events to be scheduled.

July 7th – 11th International Coral Reef Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale


Any Ocean enthusiast should not miss this event, global climate change and effects on Oceans will be discussed  

o011415m-medium.jpgwilliam-diver.jpgInletOctober Inlet dumping, what is this stuff?

The aforementioned Fund (non/profit& non/funded) Coral Reef Initiative is not available currently to accept donations. Purchase a $10.00 Green License Plate today and join the campaign. 

Coral Reef Initiative by EarthRehab

 We have a ‘tester’ for our water samples, and they are local. We are searching for 2 more, to keep them honest. Referrals speak loudly.  

EarthRehab will choose the sites, Jupiter Island Blowing Rock’s ( North) to Loggerhead ( South) on public beaches and the Inlet stream during tides.

How important is this to you? Marine life including, turtles, Sharks, Tropical fish, Coral, Hurricane Sustainable wall, whales, dolphins, Etc. (not to mention our children and families that enjoy to swim in the Oceans). 

Join the EarthRehab Environmental Campaign now & the 100% Non/profit, Non/Funded Coral Reef Initiative 

$10.00 goes a long way & means your thinking GREEN, recycle, Nature, politically concerned, and have an overall commitment to the state of our planet.  

Environmental Foundation PortalScene of the crime, Jupiter Inlet Florida

Currently 25,000+ commuters per day view ‘my green license plate’ and understand that We support Nature research. This entails habitat, conservation, preservation, rehabilitation, Migration patterns, and global climate change.



My name is William Djubin and I founded EarthRehab to generate proceeds for Non-profit Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries. (Including Ocean Conservancy, WWF, Audubon, Arbor Day, Nature Conservancy, Wild Bird Sanctuary, Busch Wildlife, Loggerhead Marine)


EarthRehab was the Feature Story ‘Going Green’ on WPTV; NBC channel 5 in West Palm Beach. The Newsperson is the #1 anchor in S. Florida, Roxanne Stein.



Dr. Marr and EarthRehab @ Set it up 

Sat. Nov. 3, 2007 wear GREEN downtown WPB.

‘Set it up’, a National recognized campaign for citizen awareness will be Downtown WPB. EarthRehab will represent our cause and mission.

Dr. Marr, Perry Institute for Marine Science will be a speaker regarding the state of the Oceans and Global Climate Change.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0VVTbOnGsM  (Perry New Video)



October 10th, Wednesday @ 7pm in Jupiter, Florida  3 renowned scientists, Dr. Marr of Perry Institute for Marine Science, Professor Ray McCallister, and Dr. Boukerrou will discuss Global Warming Impacts. This symposium is free to the public, with an open discussion moderated by Dr. Stefan Harzen.

This truly is an unbelievable event to speak with the Executive Director of Perry. visit the web-site www.perryinstitute.org

If anyone on this planet understands Coral Reef Eco-systems and the effect they have on our coastline in Florida this doctor does.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science could utilize further community support for their mission, goto www.mygreenlicenseplate.com and order your GREEN Environmental license plate today and choose Perry for proceeds. Display your concern today for our planet.

I will post my views on this symposium on Friday, then I will post the over-all review of the symposium from Perry when complete.

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