Endangered Species Act is under attack in Washington.

September 15 is the last day to comment on this proposal.

What you can do.

What I did that was so easy, thanks to Ocean Conservancy, I sent e-mails to my elected officials on their format, and got results.
I received letters from all of the Congressmen and Senators applauding my efforts and acknowledging my e-mail. This is kind of like a vote; you will get heard and noted on this very important issue.

  1. I encourage you to open the link and send e-mail to your State elected officials.
    Ocean Conservancy Link
  2. Also please sign the petition sponsored by Defenders of Wildlife at the petition site…
    Petition Site Link
  3. Use the Audubon form to send a message to Fish and Wildlife.
    Audubon Link

Send a message to Washington today and protect the Endangered Species Act.