Leatherback turtles at Gumbo Limbo

Leatherback turtles at Gumbo Limbo

Last week EarthRehab was invited to visit and learn about Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and in return they wanted to learn about Green License Plates.

During our stay we encountered large numbers of people learning alot about the environment and Florida’s native eco-system. Gumbo Limbo has an excellent display of native Florida animals, plants and sea life. But without a doubt Sea Turtles take the center stage at this facility.

FAU operates a research institute and nursery for juvenile Loggerhead and Leatherback sea turtles on site. To see the one-inch baby sea turtles and think that they could live for decades and grow to over 400 pounds is amazing.

EarthRehab does raise funds for Nature Research, and Gumbo Limbo is Nature Research.

Purchase a Green License Plate online with proceeds to benefit Gumbo Limbo or purchase a Green License Plate at the awesome Gumbo Limbo Nature Center’s Gift Shop and save on Shipping and Handling.