How to secretly go green, 3 simple steps…

1. Better organize you travel, consolidate trips, plan and map a circle back to home, or consider alternative means of travel.


2. Use less water (restaurants in the 1980’s installed foot peddles to lower their rising water bills, if you walked away the spill would stop.) So, while waiting for HOT water from a faucet, save and use the cold water for flushing the toilet or irrigation.


3. Recycle even more, purchase recycled materials and products, promote recycling.

 Once ‘out of the green closet’, become an eco-activist. 2 easy steps… 

1. Get involved, read, listen, and learn. Participate in the Green Blog Day, sign petitions to legislature that are on-line. ( like the slaughter of Sea Turtles in the Bahamas)

 2. Promote Awareness to make legislative changes, and be heard.   Utilize media, forums, blogs, eco t-shirts, green license plates, DMV Enviro-license plates, bumper stickers, write letters to congressmen, governors, senators, DEP, DOA, Town Meetings, Rally’s, Social Forums, and Environmental Clean-up campaigns.

 Do what’s right today, goto