Global Warming Meeting 

EarthRehab summary of the Meet the Scientist Lecture

“Climate Change and Effects on Coastal Communities”

Dr Stephan Harzen of TARAS Oceanographic Foundation introduced the panel of scientist.

 Dr. Boukerrou of Florida Center for Environmental Studies discussed the Green House effect and the fact that Carbon emissions have been on a steady and gradual increase in our atmosphere. He then states the IPCC expects the Greenhouse gases to double in 50years.

Dr Marr of the Perry Institute for Marine Science discussed Acidifying the Oceans. As Ocean waters temperature rise, the chemical balance that is needed to sustain life is offset. The needed Calcium for shellfish and invertebrates diminishes and Ph levels rise to form an acidic body of water. Predicts a 60% decrease in active coral reef ecosystems by 2030.

Dr. Ray McAllister of Florida Atlantic University asks the Question” What are we going to do??” Get active, be heard, make a change for the environment today. Brings the threat of Methane to the atmospheric problem. Answers the question later, will Florida will be consumed by the Ocean? No, but potable water will be the #1 concern for the residents.

The discussion did not center and evolve around politics, and 150+ attendees were treated to factual information to assist others with realizing the threats of Global Warming.

Dr. Marr of Perry is composing a more in-depth synopsis of this community awareness program. It will be featured in the future on this web-log site.