October 10th, Wednesday @ 7pm in Jupiter, Florida  3 renowned scientists, Dr. Marr of Perry Institute for Marine Science, Professor Ray McCallister, and Dr. Boukerrou will discuss Global Warming Impacts. This symposium is free to the public, with an open discussion moderated by Dr. Stefan Harzen.

This truly is an unbelievable event to speak with the Executive Director of Perry. visit the web-site www.perryinstitute.org

If anyone on this planet understands Coral Reef Eco-systems and the effect they have on our coastline in Florida this doctor does.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science could utilize further community support for their mission, goto www.mygreenlicenseplate.com and order your GREEN Environmental license plate today and choose Perry for proceeds. Display your concern today for our planet.

I will post my views on this symposium on Friday, then I will post the over-all review of the symposium from Perry when complete.