Sea Turtle eggs un-earthedSea Turtle eggs un-earthedOn

Jupiter Island in West Palm Florida Sea turtle eggs are everywhere as the tides continue to rise and erode the beaches.

Friday I personally went to take a look & some pictures, here’s what I saw.

For every 50 or so yards you could count 100 eggs, surprisingly only about a third still had the turtle inside. We do not have a predator bird or crab problem (currently), it could be believed that 2/3rds. made it out of the shell, and on their way. The 1/3rd empty eggs did not appear to have been forceably opened, they looked quite natural.

On a brighter note, the Loggerhead Marine Life Center was the #1 reciever of proceeds for Foundations during our September 2007 campaign. More GREEN license plates were bought with proceeds to benefit The Loggerhead Center than any other mission. You can check out the Foundations involved by visiting our web-site .

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